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SouthWood specializes in the creation and implementation of image-conscious custom signage and graphics.

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Interior Signs

From lobby logos to hallway and parking deck signs to room names and numbers, SouthWood creates an unlimited array of custom signage solutions. They are made from a wide variety of materials, utilizing dozens of processes. Show us your ideas, or let one of our account executives help you understand more about the many options available for interior signage systems. If you aren’t sure about just what you need, a brief discussion with SouthWood can clarify just how and where to start.


Entry Monuments

A facility’s largest and most permanent form of identification is its entry monument sign. This important statement of identity reinforces an image and sets the tone that viewers see. SouthWood has created thousands of these custom statements since 1970, and is uniquely qualified to help create yours. Using dozens of materials, methods and processes, we can implement your ideas, or help you create them. Solutions can be almost unlimited, and will either create an identity for you, or reinforce the brand identity you already have. Logos and logotypes can be faithfully executed in your signage, and SouthWood can help recommend methods and materials that show your logo to best advantage.


Sign Systems

Signage systems are a series of related signs and sign types, sharing multiple common traits. Among these traits are colors, shapes, typestyles, materials and fabrication methods, layouts, logos and graphic elements. If implemented effectively, they convey a consistent and recognizable look and feel to the built environment, and work together to create a sense of order and reduced chaos. Well planned signage systems can help route visitors and newcomers into and through a facility efficiently, while quietly reinforcing its identity. SouthWood creates custom sign systems for image conscious clients from a variety of industries, using a vast array of materials, methods and processes.


Architectural Signage

A term essentially unheard of in 1970 when SouthWood began, it has now become synonymous with a broad array of signage that is themed to compliment the surrounding built environment. It is “architectural” by its visual relevance to the materials, shapes, colors, finishes and details of the project in which it is used. Over time, as design styles change and new materials and technology enter the building industry, the look and feel of our products changes. However, our values and our services are still deeply rooted in the belief that effective and attractive signage should reflect the environment in which it is used, and be planned and designed in the same holistic approach.


Illuminated Signs

When circumstances determine internally illuminated signage is in order, SouthWood can help define and craft the perfect solution. This might include: reverse channel halo lit letters; backlit acrylic signs, polycarbonate or flexible faces; edge lit acrylic or glass; push thru lettering on aluminum faces, and other options. Lighting technology might utilize direct or indirect lighting with fluorescent, neon or low energy LED fixtures. From blade signs to channel letters and everything in between, a discussion with a member of the SouthWood team will help determine what solutions best fit your needs.


Exterior Signs

From large entry monuments and facility identity signs to vehicular and pedestrian directional signs to traffic control and regulatory signs, SouthWood creates an unlimited array of custom signage solutions. Fabricated from any of the dozens of materials and methods discussed elsewhere on our website, and as seen in the hundreds of photos here, exterior signage and sign systems will reinforce your image and support your identity. Show us your ideas, or let one of our account executives help you understand more about the many options available for interior signage systems. If you aren’t sure about just what you need, a brief discussion with SouthWood can clarify just how and where to start.


ADA Signs

Under standards established by the Americans with Disabilities Act, many facilities now are required to use tactile (raised letter) and Braille signs. As part of a comprehensive approach to signing a facility, SouthWood can provide custom ADA signs in zinc, photopolymer, magnesium and other materials to meet clients’ design and budgetary expectations.  ADA signage can range from very basic to highly decorative, creative solutions.  Because this type sign is often used in large quantities, it is important that proper sign planning and wayfinding be done to insure that all signs work together as a functional system. SouthWood can offer assistance in this regard by reviewing our clients’ proposed plan or helping them create a plan. 


Traffic & Streetscape Signage

When the occasion calls for signs more attractive and innovative than “standard government issue” streetscape signage, SouthWood can offer solutions. While not overlooking the need for an official regulatory look to achieve a very important function, it is quite possible to create appealing signage that doesn’t lose sight of its mission. Use of decorative posts, frames, brackets and finials, along with custom typefaces, colors and logos, provides the opportunity to extend your unique presentation and blend all your signage into a cohesive look.


Letters & Logos

SouthWood’s offerings of custom letters and logos are as varied as our other types of signage. We provide lobby and reception area wall graphics, large exterior logos for building identification, pin-mounted metal plate lettering for monument signs and dozens of other applications. Custom letters and logos can be cut, cast or fabricated from a wide variety of materials including PVC and acrylic at the low end of the price spectrum to stainless steel, walnut and granite at the upper end. Sizes can range from less than an inch in height to over 10’, can be non-illuminated or illuminated, and are produced for interior or exterior applications. A brief discussion with SouthWood will enable us to help with creative and technical suggestions.